A Complete Guide to Choose Right Cricket Bat for You

A Complete Guide to Choose Right Cricket Bat for You

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Selecting the right cricket bat is not an easy task for cricketers. It might be possible that you get various advice from your parent, coach, friend, teammate, or retailer which creates a lot of confusion while buying a cricket bat.

Every bat has its grades and sizes and it might create a lot of doubts that which is the best one. Let’s consider a few points in detail to solve this mess.

Before moving to these points let’s talk about one of the top recommended bats named

CEAT Resolute (Ajinkya Rahane Edition) English Willow Cricket Bat

  • Various Sizes of the Bat

Size is the top-notch feature for buying a new bat. If you need a bat for extended periods and not too straight for your height, then you need to choose the optimum size of the bat.

In case you decide to buy the bat from a local store, you need to hold the bat and check whether it is comfortable or not.

In addition, if you made up your mind to buy the cricket bat online, then you need to ensure how the bat will execute for you.

  • Fix the Budget

Whenever you decide to buy something the first thing you need to finalize is your budget. After selecting a budget, the bats with a higher price will be eliminated from your list. You can ask about the price of the bat so that you won’t be excited about the bat that is not in your budget.

Bats can be purchased in two ways:

  • For buying cheap bats, you can go for factory bats.
  • For a higher price, you need to look at the quality of the bat.

If you find a bat that matches all your demands, you can get it in two ways either at a high price or a low price but compromising with the quality of the bat.

  • Brand

If you choose a renowned brand for your bat, you can get a lot of benefits like assured with superior quality, build quality is perfect, a rectified production process, etc.

In case you are looking for a high-quality bat, you need to choose a reputed brand for the bat. In this way, you can choose the best bat for your upcoming competition.

Let’s check one of the finest bats named

CEAT Hitman (Rohit Sharma Edition) English Willow Cricket Bat

  • Select an Appropriate Weight

Here comes another important feature named weight. To identify how well you play, you need to check the weight of the bat which means it should neither be too heavy nor too light. It is significant for juniors. In case you are not so strong to hit the shorts, you can avoid the bats which are heavy. Whereas a lightweight bat might create difficulty while making judgments on your potential. So, you need to concentrate on the pickup of the bat rather than its weight.

  • Balance

Determine the bat which is ideal for your body-weight ratio and it is uncommonly easy to move according to your requirement. With this approach, you can easily manage your bat and get the best performance without wasting a lot of time.

While buying a bat physical you can have a trial or else if you decided to purchase it online, then you can shortlist from two or three bats and choose the most appropriate one.

Here comes one of our best bats named

MRF Grand Silver Edition English Willow Bat

Bottom Line

With the help of the above-mentioned points, you can easily choose the right bat for you. In case you have any queries or suggestions, you may notify us in the comment section or visit the website.

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